Friday, April 9, 2010

New born care

Breast feeding:
Caring for new born baby starts from feeding with breast milk. It is the best food for new born as it contains all the nutrients that baby needs. Not even water is required for the baby during the intake of mother’s milk and it also reduces risk of chronic constipation, childhood diabetes, and other stomach upsets. It also protects the baby from gastroenteritis, allergies, asthma etc. Some studies proved that breastfed babies are more intelligent. Also the baby can get good shape and structure in future years.

Massage can be started after the baby is 3 months old, initially it should be avoided. Also it will be better if this is done by the mother to her baby.
The gentle massage has the following benefits:
* Improves the sleeping habit of the infant.
* Increases oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
* Strengthens the baby’s immune system and gives relaxation.
* Empower the neurological system and reduces baby stress.
* Creates a good bonding between the mother and baby.

Washing clothes:
Use the best detergent to wash the baby clothes because the skin is very soft and new. It will be
good, if the detergent is soap free and biodegradable so that the baby’s skin is prevented from iirritation. Also the washed clothes should be exposed to sunlight at least for few hours. No need of fragrance, starch etc for baby’s clothes. Try to wash the baby clothes with hot water and also wash these clothes separately from other clothes to avoid the spreading of germs. Soft, clean, lose and germ free clothes will definitely help the baby to feel comfortable.

Selecting a pediatrician:
A pediatrician is a partner with mother in ensuring good medical care for new born baby. Select an experienced and good pediatrician so that you will feel comfortable and they need to be receptive and responsive to your questions and concerns. Discuss the doctor's opinion on vaccinations and well baby check-ups. Also they should treat you and your child with respect and kindness. Ensure that the selected pediatrician should be at the reachable distance for emergency purpose and also should attend your phone call to clear any doubts for the baby.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Care for kids at home

All parents would want to give proper care and attention to their kids, especially during their initial stages of development. They start out with making all the decisions for the child and then slowly let them have little choices and later share reins with them in decision-making processes concerning the family, studies etc. Let’s see the essential things to be in mind for growing a healthy kid.


* If the parents are consistent, informative and patience in nature, they would have a healthy kid. Don’t be too strict; make a list of behaviors that have to be stopped. Slowly insist to get rid of those without any punishment.
* Never threaten, set the rules and ask to follow regularly. Parents who treat their kids in a fair manner will be respected more.

* Don’t make any angry statements. Also avoid negative comments; this will make the kid from loving to nasty.
* Always tell the truth about anything. If a child thinks that the parent is lying, it may cause resentment, loss o respect and more.
* Parents must use the same consequence for the same behavior on both good and bad days. Also remember that the child’s future depends on the parents being consistent and fair.
* Practice saying “Have a good and nice day”, “Be a good kid” in every morning to your child instead of telling “You are bad”, “You can’t do”.
* Insist the importance of honesty, courage, discipline, peace and love. This will help the child in all aspects of life.


* Don’t force the child to study but tell the importance of education.
* Teach the child how to be responsible. Never let the kids to play or watch TV first and the study. Tell them that they sure can play or do whatever they like after they have studied.
* Remember that a small kid needs rest to study properly. So allow to take a nap when returned from school or before studying.

* Organize an after-school schedule for every subject on a daily basis. This will helps the child to study regularly.
* Always communicate about the school, home works, friends, teachers etc. with the kid, this will improve enthusiasm in studying.
* Provide a good and calm study corner with essentials like paper, pencils, rulers, dictionary etc.
* Help your child to do the home works neatly and check those are finished properly.
* Don’t skip the school functions such at open house, PTM etc. Ask the teacher about the performance of your kid in study and other activities.

A nutritious food is very important for a kid to play, learn and to do other activities.
* Grain group food such as wheat, barley, oats, and rice gives carbohydrates to keep the body active.
* Green vegetables like corn, cauliflower, peas, carrot etc provides Vitamin C, which helps heals, cuts and bruises and fight infections.

* Fruits like apple, banana, orange, grapes etc give many Vitamins, which gives the skin care for kids.
* Milk group food like cheese, yogurt etc gives Calcium and some Vitamin like A&C. This will helps to get strong bones and teeth.
* Meat group foods like fish, egg, chicken, pork etc provides Iron and Protein. So it helps to prevent infections and anemia.
Advice your child to eat above specified healthy foods. Tell the Minerals and Vitamins contents in each food.

Also try to practice the kid with regular exercise and good sleep. All kids are smart and needs to be stimulated, so that they will achieve great things.